Viberate.com is the world’s biggest crowdsourced platform for listing and mapping the live music industry. All artists are chart-ranked based on their popularity and every artist profile is furnished with all available social media links, which makes the discovery process easy and efficient. Viberate is opening the world of live music to everyone and revolutionizing the way musicians are presented and booked! Viberate does that by decentralizing the discovery and booking processes with the use of the block-chain technology and own VIB crypto token.

Project Details

Client: Viberate

Industry: Music Industry

Online: /www.viberate.com

Project: Web and mobile development

Tech: ASP .NET, MS SQL, HTML/CSS, JS, Elastic search, Mongo DB, Swift, iOS, Android, JAVA


The client, the startup client, was not aware how big and complex their requirement were, and as time passed more and more features were added and improved. The big challenge was to follow client’s lifecycle as well as to follow technical challenges:

  • To build a web solution for fast and reliable search and DB curating of artists, music venues and events. Enable secure rewarding system in crypto tokens using blockchain technologies.
  • To build supporting mobile apps that enable user tracking and controlling crypto token wallets (own portfolios) and viberate.com features in mobile world.


The live music industry is growing each year, and there is gap in full live music market that could help users (music enthusiast) follow, understand and participate in growing and curating live Database of artists, venues and music events. The Viberate fills in that gap as well as makes new approaches on how to make the live music marketplace closer to end users.


Web solution was based on extreme native HTML/CSS in order to fulfill maximum compatibility with all of the browsers and screen sizes. The backend is state-of-the-art regarding throughput capabilities and syncing of big amount of the data. Special care was taken into account while making all of the web calls secure and hidden, as users are daily valuated and rewarded for their participation. Chart mathematics and crypto transactions were thoroughly tested and verified.


Our team developed a serious and very cool web and mobile solution that fulfilled client needs in the very competitive music industry. The Viberate only scratches the surface of possibilities, and we expect more to come.

„It was a pleasure finding a company that can follow us with speed, flexibility and understanding the necessities for Viberate product. ABC TECH Company has all the necessary skills and creativity to be part of a big and complex Viberate image. They are easy to work with and have my highest recommendations.“

Matej Gregorčič-Founder&CEO - Viberate

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